Getting started

Get started #

Quiqr lets you publish to the web easily. The best way to get started with Quiqr is download the Quiqr Application, create a new site from a template, and publish this to the web.

Read on or Watch the Quickstart video.

Install #

Download and install the latest version for your system.

Start Quiqr for the first time. #

When you start Quiqr for the first time, you have no websites yet. You can create new or import from several sources, but to understand the concept of Quiqr right away, just import a Quiqr Template and play a little with the CMS.

Import from folder

Import from folder

Preview website #

From the moment you have created a website and opened it, a hugo server is running on your computer. Hit the Preview in Browser button to show how your website looks like.

Toolbar with Preview button

Toolbar with Preview button

Publish to the web #

To publish to the web you have to setup a sync target. Currently you can sync to a GitHub-repository and to a folder. The folder needs to be copied to a public server manually.