User Roles

User Roles #

Quiqr has two major target user type: Content Editors and Site Developers.

Developers need the same tools as editors, plus some extra tools. To make the experience for content editors as pleasant as possible we hide some information and tools in their interface.

Content Editor #

The default role of Quiqr is Content Editor. A content editor download templates, import sites, change content and add synchronization targets and finally sync to this target.

Site Developer #

As site developer you have direct access to more tools.

Tools in Site #

In a site, in the toolbar next to Content and Sync, there is the Tools button.

This Tools button gives access to several developer utilities and tools.

Tools only visible in Site Developers role

Tools only visible in Site Developers role

Content Menu items for developer #

The Content sidebar can have Menu items only visible for Site Developers by setting the matchRole property. See Menu Properties.

Switch Role #

In Windows and Linux roles are in the Edit Menu.

Switch Role

Switch Role

In macOS the roles are in the Quiqr Menu.

Switch Role in macOS

Switch Role in macOS