Content Model

Content Model Configuration #

Quiqr can create advanced advanced models with customized forms for editing any kind of content. These forms are configured in the ./quiqr/model/ directory with base.json as the main configuration file. The model-files can be in YAML, JSON or TOML-formatting.

Root Properties #

The model is split up in several main properties:

  • build: information how to serve the hugo website
  • serve: information how to build the hugo website
  • hugover: the hugo version to use. The correct hugo version is downloaded automatically.
  • collections: main key for collections with pages. E.g. blog posts
  • singles: main key for single page configurations. E.g. home page or about
  • menu: main key for the menu configuration of the CMS.
  • dynamics: main key for the dynamics form definitions to be used in dynamic forms.

Model File Structure #

Quiqr has helpers two organize complex models and prevent redundant configuration code. Includes are used to split the main-file into seperate files and partials makes it possible to reuse configuration code.

Form Fields #

The main keys Singles, Collections and Dynamics can have form fields definitions. These are the building blocks for creating forms.