Leaf array

Leaf array #

The lead array field is a container field for a single child field. The output is a collection of values of the child field value type.

Leaf array with dates

Leaf array with dates

Properties #

Bundle manager Properties #

propertyvalue typeoptionaldescription
keystringmandatoryKeys are for internal use and must be unique.
titlestringoptionalThe title of the element.
fielddictionarymandatoryDictionary witg child field definition.

Sample #

Configuration #

  key: some_child_field
  title: Some chield field
  type: date
key: some_parent_field
title: Some parent field
type: leaf-array
key = "some_parent_field"
title = "Some parent field"
type = "leaf-array"

  key = "some_child_field"
  title = "Some chield field"
  type = "date"
   "field": {
      "key": "some_child_field",
      "title": "Some chield field",
      "type": "date"
   "key": "some_parent_field",
   "title": "Some parent field",
   "type": "leaf-array"

Output #

  - "2021-04-02"
  - "2021-04-21"
  - "2021-05-07"