Nest #

The nest field is a container field. It can define multiple input fields, which are displayed as a subform. You have to focus the nest-field the show the sub form. The output is a dictionary with values from the sub form fields.

nest unfocussed

nest unfocussed

nest focussed

nest focussed

Properties #

Bundle manager Properties #

propertyvalue typeoptionaldescription
keystringmandatoryKeys are for internal use and must be unique.
titlestringoptionalThe title of the element.
fieldsarray of dictionariesmandatoryThese are the subform input fields.
groupdatabooleanoptional (default: true)When set true to child field value are stored in a hash below the section key. When set false the values are placed at the same level as the section neighbour fields

Sample #

Configuration #

- key: some_child_field
  title: Some chield field
  type: date
groupdata: true
key: some_parent_field
title: Some parent field
type: nest
groupdata = true
key = "some_parent_field"
title = "Some parent field"
type = "nest"

  key = "some_child_field"
  title = "Some chield field"
  type = "date"
   "fields": [
         "key": "some_child_field",
         "title": "Some chield field",
         "type": "date"
   "groupdata": true,
   "key": "some_parent_field",
   "title": "Some parent field",
   "type": "nest"

Output #

  some_child_field: "2021-04-02"