Easy Markdown Editor

Easy Markdown Editor #

The easymde field generates a lightweight markdown editor for entering markdown enabled strings.

Easy Markdown Editor

Easy Markdown Editor

Properties #

propertyvalue typeoptionaldescription
keystringmandatoryKeys are for internal use and must be unique
titlestringoptionalThe title of the element
tipstringoptional (default: null)Text entered here with markdown formatting is displayed as context help in an overlay box

Sample #

Configuration #

key: sample_field
title: Sample field
type: easymde
key = "sample_field"
title = "Sample field"
type = "easymde"
   "key": "sample_field",
   "title": "Sample field",
   "type": "easymde"

Output #

sample_field: |-
  # Welcome at this course

  You will learn a lot

  Good luck!