Create a new field type

Create new a new field type #

This HowTo teaches you how to create a new custom field type.

Introduction #

Quiqr Field Types are the user interface to data that is stored in the website.

Steps #

copy an existing field type #

copy an existing field type that you like to use as template.

The field types are stored in the path src/components/SukohForm/components/

They are named FieldNameDynamic.js where FieldName is the name you want to use.

cp src/components/SukohForm/components/SelectDynamic.js src/components/SukohForm/components/FontPickerDynamic.js

Replace OldFieldName with NewFieldName #

Open your new file and replace the OldFieldName with new NewFieldName.

Also set a new field type in the method:

    return 'new-field-name';

This is used in site/quiqr/model/base.yaml

Import and export the type class #

In the file src/components/SukohForm/components/all.js the new type class should be imported and exported.

import FontPickerDynamic from './FontPickerDynamic';

export default [

Implement your own type code #

At this point you should implement your own code. It’s wise to test the new type in a demo website while you implement the new type. Take small steps.