About this book

About the Quiqr Book #

This handbook is not an extensive guide on how to use and configure hugo websites The purpose of this document is to explain how to configure, distribute and maintain Quiqr websites.

To search for a particular term within the Quiqr Book, select the ‘magnifying glass’ icon, or press ’s'.

Those looking for tips and tricks on how to develop Hugo websites should consult the official Hugo Documentation or the Hugo Forum.

The latest version of this book is located at https://book.quiqr.org/.

Example Commands #

Examples in this guide may have snippets of commands to be run in your shell or paste in your editor. When you see a snippet beginning with $ it’s a shell command. as your normal user. After either of these lines, there may be example output from the command.

Placeholders #

Some examples include text with placeholders. Placeholders indicate where you should substitute the appropriate information. For example:

$ cat ~/Quiqr Data/config.<site_name>.json

This means you need to substitute the text <site_name> with the actual site name.

Contributing #

We welcome contributions to this book. Please read our Contributing Guidelines.